Welcome to the Ultimate Force Tournament

Being the first clan tournament to take place on Red Jake Studio's new game, Tip of the Spear: Task Force Elite, the Ultimate Force tournament will give the opportunity to clans forming in TFE to show what they are made of and get some experience on playing scrims on the game.

The tournament will offer two groups of 4 minimum depending on how many teams sign-up (8 teams at a minimum are needed), with each team in their group playing each other twice. The top two teams at the end of each game will progress into a knockout system for a semi-final and final.

All matches will be played on the selected TFE official maps on the game mode of TKOTH. The selected map pool that are allowed to be played are posted in the "rules" section.

As there are a mixture of clans and players from around the globe, each game in the groups must have the option to play on the opponents server. If both clans agree, then both clan matches can be played on their own selected servers.

Each team will need at least 5 active players to participate. Team details should be entered by the Squad Leader or Team Captain. Once this is done and the team is registered, a tournament admin must then approve your team before they are officially entered into the tournament. When registering your team, you must list all players who may play in any matches. If game day comes, and a player is not registered to your team, then they can not play.

Players may only play for 1 squad / team in each tournament category. If you are in a team that is knocked out you may not join / merc for another team in a later round.

Best of luck to all who participate.