General Ultimate Force Tournament Rules:

1) All participating squads / teams must register on the tournament website with full name and contact details. All players participating in the tournament must be listed in the team sign up by the team leader/captain. All players that may play in any match must be registered and approved by an admin before the tournament starts. If you wish to add another player to your line up during the tournament, this will not be possible.

2) Players may only play for 1 squad / team. If you are in a team that is knocked out you may not join / merc for another team in a later round.

3) If any players are found to be cheating in tournament play, the player and his entire squad / team will forfeit the match and will be banned from any further participation in future matches. If a player is found glitching they will be warned to move to a different location, if it happens on a frequent basis than the "glitching" player will be the reason of his or her team forfeiting that particular map.

4) All matches will be played on maps from the official TFE map pool. Each team must choose 2 maps each from the map pool listen below, and then decide between them on a "decider" map. In the group stages, in both legs against the same teams the same maps must be played, and both teams must play as Red Spear and Task Force Elite. As there are a mixture of clans and players from around the globe, each leg in the groups against the same team must have the option to play on each team's server. In the semi-final and final, there will be the option to play 2 maps each in both teams servers, and in the event of the decider needing to be played; the team with the most kills over the 4 maps get the choice to host the deciding map.

5) No flaming or accusation will be tolerated in game, if there is a problem then post about it in the match conflict forums after the match has been played. A warning will be given if it happens during a match, if the warning is ignored the team responsible for the accusations will be forfeiting the match and could be facing removal from the brackets.

6) Matches should start at the agreed time. If a squad / team don't show up after 30 minutes then the squad / team forfeits the match with a ‘No show’.

7) All group matches must be played between the 29th March and the 25th April. Make sure that you match arrangers post your contact info and all other relevant info that could be needed on the scheduling forums. If your match has been arranged then post the date and start time details as soon as you have arranged it on the forums so we can have an admin and stream commentators available to be there at the set time.

8) The decision of the -UF- match admins is final.

**Rules may be updated by tournament staff at anytime in order to keep a clean tournament for all participants.

Goodluck all and have fun, best regards:
The UF management.

Ultimate Force TKOTH Settings:
- Best of 5 maps
- Map pool: First Fall, Vipers Nest, Bank Crash, Desert Valley CQB, Shipyard, Narco's Den, Abandoned Airbase, Under Siege, Savannah's Ridge, Insurgency Takedown
- 25 Minutes per map
- 10 Minutes zonetime
- 5on5 plus allowed
- All weapons allowed

Server settings:

- 1 second zone reset timer

- 5 second spawn armor

- 10 second PSP taking time

- 1 Minutes start delay

- 1 Minute round end scoreboard

Click to watch an overview of the rules and the group draws.

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